Castlewood Care Homes

Specialized in Dementia/Alzheimer's  Care

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Our Mission

Put your trust in our model of Care

H - Honoring the concept that feelings matter most

O - Over and beyond to create a nurturing environment where our residents can thrive

M -  Monitoring our care to be people centered

E - Efficiency in  rehabilitation and mental stimulation

Who We Are

Castlewood Care Homes are Private homes that are owned and operated by a Registered Nurse. These homes are luxuriously decorated to create a home like feeling. 24 hour qualified nursing staff are there to provide a secure, safe and caring environment.

Castlewood Care Homes provide a warm, comfortable and  nurturing place to call home in smaller setting.

Put Your Trust In Our Care

We specialize in Dementia Care levels SL 1 - 4

Respite care are available

No difficult transition, move in no hassle

Government Licensed and Registered

Podiatry/Physician and Dynalife available

Dietitian approved menus

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People Centered

Castlewood Care Homes priority focus on giving attention to the emotions of people living with dementia 

Our goal is to add meaningfulness to our residents life

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Improving the quality of Life for Dementia residents

We address the overall needs of the individual resident to create a better quality of life to our residents

Our hope is to stimulate a positive experience for the individual living with Dementia

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Castlewood Care Homes Edmonton

Desirable Outcome

Staff trained to become resident focus and not task focused.

Staff spends quality time in small groups of residents based on their cognitive levels

Staff simulate residents through recreational and emotional  driven choices

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Why choose Castlewood Care Homes ?

Owned and operated by a Registered nurse who has over 20 years  of nursing experience.

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